Why Do I Have Squeaky Brakes? – Autoworks Answers This Commonly Asked Question

squeaky brakes

Squeaky car brakes can be an extremely unpleasant noise to hear. Our technicians here at Autoworks can put a stop to the ear-piercing and worrisome sound of squealing brakes. We have a compiled a list of what could be causing that racket and how Autoworks can help bring the noise to a not-so screeching halt.

Autoworks Explains the Common Reasons Your Car Brakes Are Squeaky

Worn Out Brake Pads

Worn out brake pads is the most common reason for squeaking brakes. As annoying as the noise can be, it actually serves a purpose. It happens when a metal wear indicator is exposed on the brake pads. When the wear indicator is exposed, a squealing sound is produced to inform you that your brake pads need attention or replacing. Since your brake pads are not something you visually examine regularly, like your oil or windshield wiper fluid, it is crucial to pay attention when they start making noises.

Loose Parts

The braking system on your car consists of numerous components. There’s the disc (or drum) brake as well as rotors, calipers and hoses. If any of these pieces happens to become loose, they can vibrate and produce the squeaky sound. This may mean that a part simply needs cleaning, lubrication or adjustment. Don’t hesitate to contact Autoworks for a brake inspection to see if loose parts are the cause of your squeaky brakes.

Weather or Road Conditions

Rain, ice and humidity can also cause your brakes to squeak. Typically, this is due to condensation collecting on the rotors. If this is the case, the noise should not last long once the brake pads have warmed up. You can prevent weather-related squealing by putting your car in the garage at night or store it in a climate-controlled area, such as an enclosed parking garage.

Autoworks Can Fix Squeaky Brakes

When it comes to your vehicle’s most important safety feature, don’t forget to stop, look and listen! Save your ears and your brakes by visiting us here at Autoworks. Our technicians can fix squeaky brakes, as well as any other car problems you may be having! Don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below for more information!

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