The Importance of Caring for Your Windshield

Good visibility is a significant aspect when it comes to safe driving. Many know about external visibility factors such as poor weather conditions or dark lighting, but proper windshield care can help ensure that you can see better even when driving conditions are challenging. This article will discuss a few steps that can be taken to properly maintain your windshield.

Clean Major Objects

The first step is cleaning leaves, mud, dirt, bugs and other physical objects off your windshield. These objects can all accumulate on your windshield, reducing visibility, and distracting you while driving.

First scrub any physical objects off your windshield before applying any cleaners. You may need to peel or scrape specific substances off with water and a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are great for cleaning glass because they won’t cause abrasions on the surfaces.

Clean with a Glass Cleaner Formula

While your windshield is free from dirt and debris, streaks and spots can also hamper front visibility. A deeper cleaning with a glass cleaner formula will be required for this. Standard Windex or other similar products will do the job. Make sure to wipe the surface completely dry, otherwise you will end up with more streaks than you started with.

Also, the inside of your windshield will need to be cleaned with glass cleaner as well. This can help prevent that annoying fog building up on the inside of the glass while you are driving.

Apply Protection Treatment

Once your windshield is completely clean, you may want to treat it with some type of protective substance. If you leave your windshield bare at this point, it will relatively easy for the surface to get dirty again quickly.

If you do not have time for a full-on polish treatment, there are newer products available that can help form a temporary seal over your windshield. These products help to wick away water during rain, and also keep your windshield free of more dirt and bugs. However, they typically wear off over time, so you may need to reapply them periodically.


If you know you will be traveling through a dusty or muddy area, or if you like to go off-roading, you may want to keep some supplies in your trunk, such as a rag and some cleaning supplies. Here are a few addition tips to prevent future gunk build-up on your windshield:

  • Avoid parking under trees that shed leaves or drop sticky fruits often.
  • Park in a garage or under a shed to assist in reducing debris and forts.
  • Ensure that your windshield wipers are functional and that the blades are fresh.
  • Always be careful with tinting. States have specific laws regarding tinting percentages.


Learn how to properly defrost your windshields. Here in Texas, we rarely contend with snow or ice on the windshield, but it never really hurts to learn how to properly de-ice your windshield. One of the important things to know is to avoid throwing hot or even warm water onto your windshield to remove ice, as this might cause cracks due to the sudden change.


Proper maintenance of your windshield is a great habit to cultivate. It doesn’t require much time and will make your driving safer and more enjoyable. At Autoworks, we also value your time and safety. Don’t hesitate to contact us with the link below for more information!

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