Signs of Bad Brake Rotors


There a few different ways to tell if your brake rotors are bad. If you believe that they are bad, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Autoworks to have one of our mechanics check them out and decide whether or not they need to be replaced. It is important that your brakes are always working properly, as faulty brakes can present hazards and put you at risk of an accident. Here are a few signs of bad brake rotors.

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Signs You May Need a Tune-Up


If you’ve had such issues as sluggishness, squealing, unreliability or vibrating with your vehicle, it may be trying to tell your something — like that it’s time for a tune-up.

Newer vehicles are significantly different from their decades-old brethren that require a tune-up every 10,000 or 20,000 miles. It is increasingly common in today’s vehicles for manufacturer-recommended service intervals to stretch to 100,000 miles before certain maintenance items, such as replacing the spark plugs, should be performed.

This doesn’t mean that routine maintenance or potential warning signs should be avoided or ignored, however. After all, replacing a vehicle can be extremely expensive. The alternative that is more economical is to take care of the car you’re already driving. It is important to pay attention to what your vehicle may be trying to tell you and recognizing the signs that it’s time for a tune-up or maintenance.

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When to Replace Shocks


Shocks that are worn out are a serious safety issue. But how can you tell when they really need to be replaced? The best way is to ask an a local auto repair shop, Contact Autoworks today to get your shocks checked. First though, here is a few shock absorber basics and signs you can look for yourself.

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Do My Struts Need To Be Changed?


We’ve all been to the repair shop for a routine oil change and walked out with repair estimates for thousands of dollars. The question that crosses all our minds is, “What of this stuff really needs to be done?” To answer this question, let’s start with the basics of struts and what they do. Then we’ll talk how struts depreciate and what is involved when repairing them.

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Do You Know About BMW Luxury Diesel Cars?


When it comes to diesel luxury cars, the Germans dominate without question. The higher fuel prices in Europe and ensuing withstanding demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles reflects this. As a result, diesel power is considered a necessity by German manufacturers. Contemporary BMW diesel engines are able to burn cleanly, run smoothly and generate excellent torque, all while providing extraordinary fuel economy. These qualities allow diesel luxury cars to compare competitively with the fuel efficiency of economy cars.

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5 Signs That Your Car Needs a Transmission Flush


In most cases, getting a transmission flush every 30,000 miles, or every two years or so is sufficient. However, there may be times when you need to get a transmission flush sooner, in order to help protect your car’s transmission. There are some common signs that you need to perform a transmission flush on your car or truck.

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Naturally Aspirated Motors VS Forced Induction


There is often large debate about whether naturally aspirated engines are better than forced induction. Quite honestly, I feel both of these have their own associated pros and cons, leaving it all up to user preference.

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Importance Of Wheel Alignment


Tires are expensive, so why would you want to go through set after set of tires only to drain your wallet more? That’s right, you don’t. What you can do to prevent having to replace your tires due to wear and tear so often is aligning your wheels every 12,000 miles, or once a year. If you have noticed that your vehicle either pulls to either direction of the road and or your steering wheel shakes while driving, it’s probably due to unaligned wheels.

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Signs of an Exhaust Manifold Leak


The ventilation system is typically a solitary pipe that conveys exhaust from the cylinders to the outside exhaust pipe. Exhaust fumes are hazardous in light of the fact that they carry the colorless, unscented poison substance called carbon monoxide. A leaking exhaust system may allow carbon monoxide into the cab of the vehicle when the vents are open. Other than the exhaust being risky for your well-being and the earth, leaking exhaust lessens the efficiency of the vehicle. Here are four symptoms of exhaust system leaking.

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Brake System Upkeep and Maintenance


Think about what would happen if your brake system fails as you were trying to stop. The outcomes could be catastrophic. This is why a car’s braking system should be part of your scheduled car maintenance. If you don’t take good care of the brakes, you can’t expect them to be of use to you when you need them. Prior to deciding to turn to us to perform routine vehicle maintenance, learn what work must be done.

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