Audi A4 Transmission Issues

The Audi A4 is a wonderful car, no doubt. But after miles and age start to take a toll on the car you may notice some issue while driving at higher speeds. It all starts with a sort of jerking feeling, or a surge if you will. After a few times of this, your check engine light will turn on. Of course you may not feel much concern because after all the car will still be driving like a dream, but its best to get this checked out as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your transmission.

Inspection Saves Cars


This problem doesn’t just lay with the Audi A4’s, its also persistent with the A6 models as well, the issues mainly always start with the transmissions of the vehicle. Often, after getting the car checked out by a certified mechanic they will tell you that its most likely your torque converter. After your check engine light comes on, your drivability may not seem affected at all, but the reason for the light is your vehicle’s computer is able to detect the issue at hand by comparing engine revolutions per minute with transmission revolutions per minute in the input shaft. Along with this, you may notice fluctuations of RPM’s at speeds above 45 miles per hour or so.

Specific Scan Codes


Some of the scan codes that your mechanic will find include code 18032 which is a MIL light request. This code simply means that the vehicle’s computer had detected a problem and has illuminated the malfunction indicator light to give notice to the driver that something is wrong. This is a not so subtle warning to get your vehicle inspected The next two codes give a better detail as far as what the problem is. The first code often seen is code 17125-, which is the torque converter clutch circuit performance. This code is set by the computer commanding converter clutch application but not seeing the appropriate drop in RPM that is associated with proper converter application. In a shorter, more simple way to put it, the torque converter’s clutch is slipping. The second code that is observed is part of the OBD P0741 torque converter clutch is stuck off. Quite similar to the previous code, excessive converter slippage is seen bu the vehicle’s computer. This code, however usually results in the computer disabling the converter clutch’s application altogether in an attempt to protect the transmission from further damage. All of this is usually going to require replacement of your torque converter.

Poor Construction

The cause for these problems is because Audi’s original converter design utilized two rubber seals inside of the torque converter that where not of the highest quality. The two seals are responsible for sealing the hydraulic pressure that allows the torque converter clutch to engage and hold, one of the seals is a “lip” type that seals on the transmission input shaft and the other “o” ring type seal seals against the piston. The material originally used was not up to the task when it came to dealing with the tremendous heat and pressure that occurs inside of a torque converter. Although Audi did release a second design input shaft seal, failures have been observed with those as well. When the hydraulic pressure that is required to allow converter clutch application cannot be contained because of the faulty seals, the clutch will start to slip and usually destroy itself in no time.

If you want this problem to keep from happening, you want the job done and done correctly, it takes almost 11 hours of work to get the converter removed and replaced, so why not get it done right the first time at AutoWorks so you will never have to deal with these problems again!

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2 Responses to Audi A4 Transmission Issues

  1. Mark Taylor says:

    Audi a4 comes with also seven speed dual clutch s tronic transmission . Normally it is of speed 8 multitronic continuously variable/manual transmission. It is a wonderful car but you certainly feel issue on the car on the due course of time . But a regular checkup is must needed to make it back to the previous form if any issues or technical problems arises and drive your car as new as before. Some month ago I was in Portland and went to the
    expert audi repair shop in Portland to repair my expensive audi and I was fully satisfied with the service they provided.

  2. Audi Service says:

    Not great to hear, but I’m sure Audi will rectify the problem with faulty A4’s asap.

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